By Wolfgang Philipp

Published in February 2024

1-Minute Automotive Product Strategy

Why Electric Mobility Is Misunderstood

Why Electric Mobility Is Misunderstood
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The new era of mobility is presumably electric. A vastly improved second generation of products is already available – why does demand still favor petrol cars?

If costs were the answer, the current hefty discounts would solve the problem.

But the problem is emotional, and it’s not engine sound.

Aside from Tesla, most OEMs switched to electric only to meet regulations.

They were driven by outside, legal requirements, not the excitement for a new technology.

The regulations led to misconceptions about the true potential of electric mobility and its real customer benefits.

The OEMs aimed right at the volume market, not their enthusiasts.

Their electric SUVs might deliver the highest overall profit in the short run but these models actually harm their brands.

SUVs are probably the worst segment to stir excitement for electric mobility. Their higher drag requires larger, heavier batteries, outweighing the new dynamics and ease.

Electric mobility is fun, not sacrifice.

A new and exciting technology should first create desire, not rationality.

Electric mobility is fun, not sacrifice.

Its abundant torque, its linear power delivery, and its ease are customer benefits disguised by compulsory sustainability.

It’s time for a new generation of BEVs that fully play to the strengths of the technology and create true excitement for electric mobility.

It all starts with the brands and their meaning. How can electric mobility embody their DNA in a sustainable future?

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