Automotive Product Strategy

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Fake At First Sight: Why Have Cars Become So Plastic?

In countless applications, plastic is the best option to make a car better. However, often it is only the cheaper substitute for higher quality materials.

In this 1-Minute Automotive Product Strategy, we discuss a reality even chrome surfaces, wooden veneers, and leather can’t mask away.


Skeuomorphic Design: BEV's Childhood Disease
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For decades, form followed function of the ICE and its components. Now key design cues like the grille are devoid of purpose.

In this 1-Minute Automotive Product Strategy, we discuss how designers can reinvent their brands with new rules.


Why Electric Mobility Is Misunderstood
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A vastly improved second generation of products is already available – why does demand still favor petrol cars?

In this 1-Minute Automotive Product Strategy, we discuss the emotional potential of electric mobility.


Formula 1, Golden Era, Ferrari
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Formula 1 created several golden eras of racing – the front-engine era with legends like Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel, the subsequent revolution of the “Garagistas” with their Cosworth DFV engine, and the turbo era with 1,500 horsepower in qualifying.

Ironically, the transition to environmentally friendly mobility could trigger a new golden era of racing. In this article, we take a look at the essence of Formula 1 and how the need to evolve could revolutionize the legacy of the sport.


harley-davidson, pan america
© Photo by Harley-Davidson /

Harley-Davidson’s latest model divides the fans: Is the Pan America the most exciting off-road motorcycle of 2021 or is it simply off-brand?

In this article, we are going to look at the DNA of Harley-Davidson, its off-road potential, and the Pan America’s brand compatibility: Are there winning ways ahead or merely bumpy roads?


BMW 3-series, evolution, darwinism
© Photo by Alex Suprun / Unsplash

Darwin would be impressed: Within one model generation, the automotive industry has started a transformation unprecedented in the more than 100-year evolution of the automobile.

In this article, we take a look at the automotive revolution from a holistic marketing perspective and assess why, up until now, OEM brands seem to be missing their greatest opportunity in this new era.


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