By Wolfgang Philipp

Published in February 2024

1-Minute Automotive Communication Strategy

What Happened to Automotive Advertising?

What Happened to Automotive Advertising?
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What happened to automotive advertising with its once glorious ads? Commercials that would stir emotions and desire – by telling fascinating stories about their products?

Myriads of digital channels have increased the complexity of advertising exponentially.

The 30-second TV commercial can no longer establish a story to an audience that is not seeing it.

Ads alone no longer work to shape or differentiate a brand.

But skipping the story altogether makes it even worse.

Ads now interrupt a conscious user in an active process, not a passive viewer patiently waiting for the blockbuster to continue.

An active user all eyes and ears is the best recipient if you have a relevant message – and the worst if you don’t: 5, 4, 3, 2, SKIP AD!

However, the new channels provide unprecedented targeting to grab the viewer’s attention with their specific interests – and could serve as a perfect entry point to a deeper engagement with the brand.

A brand with a clear meaning, embodied by coherent products is an endless source for compelling stories.

Cars are emotional, high-involvement products. The customer decision process is long.

Agencies have to fill the void from advertising to relevant deep dive content to win back interpretive authority for the brands.

In order for agencies to also create more in-depth content, the brands must have meaning in the first place.

A brand with a clear meaning, embodied by coherent products is an endless source for compelling stories.

This meaning cannot be created in advertising, it has to start with the brand.

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