By Wolfgang Philipp

Published in April 2024

1-Minute Automotive Product Strategy

The Electrifying Potential of Motorcycles in New Mobility

The Electrifying Potential of Motorcycles in New Mobility
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Why is it that motorcycles are an exotic choice for commuting in the western world? Safety reasons cannot satisfy a full explanation in the context of new mobility and its similar vulnerable solutions. Let’s dive into new mobility – a segment virtually ignored by the motorcycle industry.

So far, new mobility has not captured many hearts. Cargo bicycles and micromobility solutions have found their community but have not managed to excite the average SUV driver.

Their underlying scarcity mindset is all about reducing the ecological footprint rather than improving the mobility experience. The problem with this is a loss of status – in a status symbol. The current new mobility is an emotional downgrade.

Individual mobility is an expression of personality. While cargo bicycles might be perfect for people who want to distinguish themselves as ecologically minded forerunners, others don’t want to be seen on them.

To get them interested in new mobility, it has to express their attitude. A new mobility that is powerful, elegant, passionate – and sustainable at the same time.

How about motorcycles?

Motorcycles convey power, speed, and aesthetics at a fraction of the size, weight, and cost of a car.

Motorcycles can upgrade the daily commute to an exciting experience.

However, motorcycles in the Western world have become high-performance leisure equipment unsuitable for the challenges of everyday life. High-maintenance and zero cargo capacity don’t go well with carrying a week’s worth of shopping and parking outside all year.

Scooters, on the other hand, provide practical usability and functionality but are no option for the „real“ rider. The segment’s toy-like appeal and adolescent clientele contradict their self-perception.

Between the innocent scooter and the real motorcycle is a gap that could change new mobility. A full-fledged, rugged motorcycle with at least some cargo capacity that is equipped to park outside all year.

Individual mobility is an expression of personality. While cargo bicycles might be perfect for people who want to distinguish themselves as ecologically minded forerunners, others don’t want to be seen on them.

Electric mobility can reinvent the motorcycle.

Electric drivetrains offer high performance with low maintenance in a compact package that allows for additional cargo space.

Today, most motorcycle brands completely miss out on 90% of their customers’ mobility. New mobility provides the platform to bring their fascination from niches to everyday life.

The key to creating unique and thrilling products that get their present customers excited for new mobility is the meaning of their brands. This essential pattern across brand, product, and communication works in an electric commuter the same way it does in a gasoline-powered motorcycle.

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